Pro-Kit Power Frame Upgrade

Pro-Kit Power Frame Upgrade

Pro-Kit Power Frame Upgrades include everything you need to get the most from your power frame.

If you are getting less than three years from your power frames due to shaft deflection, lube contamination or improper application of lubricants, we have a solution. There are five principal issues to increase the potential of your power frame performance.

  • increasing shaft stability
  • improving lubrication
  • proper installation of bearings
  • protection of the lubrication and bearings
  • improved cartridge seal system

Until now, you had to call a minimum of five vendors to gather enough parts to even begin a repair, much less worry about engineering, quality and price trade-offs. We select the proper parts and material for your application, and all it takes is one call.


  • Heavy duty, 316 stainless steel shaft made sleeveless (solid) to minimize shaft deflection. Other materials are readily available on request.
  • Premium Conrad type bearings already installed on the shaft
  • INPRO VBXXD Bearing Isolators made of SAE 660 Bearing Bronze
  • WESTECH's best designed cartridge seal with premium materials of construction
  • Royal Purple Synthetic Lube
  • Sealed oiler with vent lines
  • Installation instructions